LED Lighting. We all love it. It’s Green!

What's not to love? Well, there are times...

LED Dimming Solutions offer two product lines engineered to resolve two of the most hated features about LED lighting.

Lighting flickering, strobing, and not turning off? Most often seen when replacing CFL or Incandescent light bulbs in fixtures where controlled by a dimmer switch. When you lower the light level, all of a sudden the lights “go crazy” with strobing and flickering. The LED Dimming Stabilizer solves these problems in many cases.

Lighting that is too bright or too harsh? This happens in office spaces where LED Fixtures were installed, and the light is just way too bright. The Level Set device works with any LED fixture with a 0-10V input and lets you set the level the fixture goes to whenever turned on. Setup is done without any additional wires or a change in the wall switch. A standard on-off wall switch is all that is needed! Watch a short video to see how easy it is to configure.

Installing or living with LED lighting? LED Dimming Solutions has the products you need.